Unknow pistol round


I don’t have any data on the case diameter/length at the moment but it has a long 9mm bullet and are without hds. Has anyone seen this round before ?


It looks similar to a 9mmx22 Major rd I have. Hope this helps.


9mm Major are from early 1990’s. I got this unknow round from a collector ho had it for more then 30 years and the head diameter is bigger then 9mm Major. Sorry I didn’t add this info first. If I remember right the head should be around 12mm+/- Thanks.


From the photo it resembles the 9mm Mars round.


May be a locally made shell for the Japanese 8mm Nambu. Measurements help.


Her I have a .360 Mars and data is Rim 11,82mm Head 12,14mm Neck 9,73mm Bullet 9,15mm Case 25,88mm And the unknow case have Rim 11,63mm Head 11,83mm Neck 9,91mm Bullet 8,99mm Case 25,59mm
My best guess is it could be a home made 9mm Mars but the bullet is too long to fit the magazine[/url]


the .360 itself is against some other meanings a 9mm Mars, intended for the “inch” market. I had several Pistols and various cartridges (socalled .360Mars and 9mm ones) for testing purposes at hand and a friend still have them. Its a marketing thing, not a real difference in caliber.
You can use the 2 rounds interchangeable in the pistols and there are in fact no diameter differences in the dims…which are not inside the specs of manufacture dimensions…
Your newly made cartridge is certainly a homework of someone, the same with your socalled 10mm. There where a long time ago some fakes from RSA and also from Australia and some peoble are still sitting on them and maybe try, to market them…
So be very careful. The good thing is, that I have the possibility, to make material metal tests…and that shows a lot…

By the way: What headstamp does your pictured 7,65 Bergmann Nr.8 (EB#67) have?? And may can you take a pic and shows it here…??Up to yet, we had only fakes of them on the market and I knew only of one original from the Bergmann premise itself…