Unknow shotshell


Hello there can anybody tell me who made this shotshell, and also what the writing says??

thanks rené


I think the number is “21”. Is it a 12 gauge?


Dear SKSVLAD, Arabic word script may be read from Right to Left, BUT Numbers are read Left to Right…so the number on the HS is “12” (as in Gauge.

Can’t help with the side wall script…?Egyptian, maybe?

Doc AV


The primers look very similar to the ones used in Russian Baikal cartridges (AZOT?) which were sold in large numbers over here in the 70s or thereabouts. The cartridges were green though and unprinted but the tubes were more glossy. I think the S&B Mk11 used the same primers. I’m reasonably sure they are Eastern Bloc made for export.
S&B cartridges had that non shiny paper finish but the bases were not that shiny and more yellow in colour.
I’d like to see the crimp.The S&B ones had a fairly shallow crimp compared to say Eley of the same era.