UNKNOWN 105MM APFSDS-T Projectile - Need Help ID'ing

I have this unmarked (except for numbers and letters on the sub-projectile) 105MM APFSDS projectile in my collection that has been driving me out of my mind trying to identify over the last 3 years. I know it is a long shot, but anyone with information or thoughts on its ID would be extremely appreciated. Attaching some pictures of it next to some US 105MM APFSDS projectiles as a way to rule them out as an ID.

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Standing up next to each other showing their different heights, sabot placement, ect.

Impressive display of gun arrows.

Jason, maybe the M900 (DU for the M1 only), did you check on it?

Projectile weight is 15.1 lb (6.86 kg), maybe you can weight your’s to see if the M900 is a possibility.

I WISH it was the M900! To me, that is the holy grail of US 105MM APFSDS rounds and the only one I am missing. The M900 uses a long-rod DU penetrator dart that is substantially longer then these. It did not get much US use and I think the main buyer of them is now Egypt? The hunt is on big time for an inert example of a M900.

The unknown one in question here appears to use the same design sabot petals as the M735 but the dart is thinner.

PS: Thanks for you help so much.

Jason I doubt Egypt is getting M900s today :)

The M900 so far looked like the one question marked but I do not the shape inside the case.

uxoinfo.com/blogcfc/client/inclu … rd_Id=P133

Unfortunately I have no proper docs on the M900.

That web site is utilizing an incorrect diagram for the M900. They use that same drawing for the M735 also and I think maybe the M774? The M900 has a much longer projectile and a totally different sabot design. Off to go find a photo or diagram of one. I think I have only seen one photo ever, lots of diagrams.


This is the only photo that I have ever seen of the M900 round. I have an old copy of a 2005-2006 issue of Jane’s Ammunition that does show a photo of a projectile. Other then that, I just have this cutaway diagram picture. If you look carefully, the sabot is more wasp-wasted and narrower as well as longer then other US 105MM APFSDS rounds, even the M833.

PS: If anyone has additional photos of the M900 I’d love to see them :-)
PSS: Thanks

[quote=“APFSDS”]That web site is utilizing an incorrect diagram for the M900.

What is puzzling me is that it is taken from TB 9-2350-356-14 dated 1992. I thought they should have known.
The diagram you show now I have also found but was not sure since the document above contradicted it. Somehow strange…

Agree! That always boggled my mind too. I am going to take a picture of the Jane’s photo of the M900 projectile and you will see it is drastically different. It uses the longest penetrator of any 105MM at the time. The US barely used it before upgrading to the M1A1 with its 120MM smooth bore barrel that with the exception of TPCSDS rounds shot new generation APFSDS all with long-rod penetrator darts which seem to get longer and longer and in some cases thinner as new rounds are developed. I think the M900 was a jumping platform into 120mm technology? Just a guess :-)


Here is some information and the projectile photo in Jane’s Ammunition, the 2005 - 2006 issue :-) Definitely one of my favorite books.

As I been told by an insider the smallest diameter for the arrows is reached now since they bent or flex (right term?) too much during the firing process (and then break).

That makes a lot of sense.

So we can be sure your unknown one is no M900. Sorry for the trouble!

No trouble at all! On the contrary, you got me all fired up about the M900 again AND I got to talk about it with an awesome EOD expert that I admire big time. ALL GOOD! :-)


I can’t help you on the ID but I must complement you on that collection, truly outstanding.

Thanks so much!
Really nice of you to say. I had a lot of help from IAA Members putting it together and acquiring historical / technical information on each piece.


Jason, while looking through my product sheets I have found this (and got surprised myself). Thought you may like to see it.

As always, you are the best, Alex! Thank you so much. I have seen the diagram on the back showing the sectioned view of the M900 but never the front that has an actual photograph. FANTASTIC picture and only the 2nd one that I have seen of the M900. The other being the photo posted earlier with the Marine holding it. VERY,VERY Grateful! I hope one day to ad an inert example of the M900 to my collection as it is the only US 105MM APFSDS round not represented. I’m not going to hold my breath though as the US used it very briefly before we upgraded from the 105MM M1 Abrams Tank to the 120MM M1A1 Abrams Tank so I doubt many are out there. Last I heard, the M900 was made for Egypt now or under license?

PS: Thanks for the great picture. I am stoked to ad it to my reference photo collection.

Good to hear it is of use to you. Here one more:


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