Unknown 105MM or 120MM TPDS Sub-Projectile

Recently I added this unknown, guessing 105MM or 120MM TPDS Sub-Projectile assembly to my collection. If anyone has information on it, I would be grateful. It has an unusual tracer cup so I am thinking this may be an early design? There is evidence of blue paint which in addition to the fact the forward portion appears to be aluminum makes me think it is target practice.


It has a very shallow tracer cavity. Most modern TPDS and APDS in 105 and 120MM to my knowledge use a deeper and external tracer cup.

Complete assembly sitting on a Russian T72 Tank piston :-)


Jason, Looks like the TPDS-T M724 (with the primer cup knocked off), page 2-97, TM 43-0001-28, dated 28 April 1994, w/changes 1-11. Hope this helps, Bruce.

Hey, that is a great assumption about the primer cup! That would make A LOT of sense. I do not have that TM but am familiar with the M724. I have a sectioned M737 TPDS but the sub-projectile is a little smaller then this one. This one also has a much large front “alluminium” section then the M737.


Jason, I downloaded the pub for free just yesterday, all 15.2 MB of it for free, though some of the sites wanted to charge for it. Just google the pub number. Cheers, Bruce.

Thanks so much!