Unknown 11,3x16,5 R - CH.FUSNOT BRUXELLES

Please, identify this case.

11,35x16,5 R with headstamp CH.FUSNOT BRUXELLES

dimensions and comparison

Regards. Ave


may you have mixed up the pics?ß
your left case in the lower part of the pic is the 16,5mm 442 lenght…and has a flat base
The right side pic is the 450 short from GR and has also flat base…
So the pic in the mid with the mauser A-Base is your case in question…and that has than 13,66 / 13,7mm caselenght and not 16,5mm.

and please, can you give Body Diameter above the rim??
Here your pic, where I marked the error maybe


No, this is not a mistake. Look at the selected lines of dimensions.

The first picture shows a total length 16.5 mm, and inner diameter.
Second picture, compare Rim diameters and body length given to the Rim.

Outer diameter immediately above the Rim is 12.00mm