Unknown 11mm bullet

Hello to everybody, this weekend I go to my village and find that bullet in the field, I don’t know how it can come there, because in my village didn’t exist any conflict. Someone unos what can be?

Best regards and thank so much!


Looks like something from the Napoleonic wars. Napoleon was in your area of northern Spain yes?

Perhaps a .410 hollow base shot shell slug?

Hi hfhubbard11, I don’t know if french soldiers were placed in my village, but is so probabely. I’m not familiariced with old lead bullets, but seeing near you can see a knurled groove, maybe can be a too much modern process for a so old bullet? I measure weight, and the scale shows 6.395 grams, 98.7 grains, a little more info.

Best regards and thanks so much for all answers!!


I suspect this may be from one of many possible 11mm caliber revolver cartridges that existed in pinfire, rimfire and early centerfire. Without specific bullet profile information it is hard to say which cartridge this bullet belongs to.


Hi Brian, I talk with a friend and he aimed too the posibility of the 11mm pinfire, if you can tell me how I can find bullet profile information I try to investigate it, ok?

Best regards and thanks for your answer!


This one is way above my pay grade but you may be right with regards to the grooves on the lead bullet… I’ll try and look some more. I just got a new book in on rimfires, albeit American rimfires but I’ll go ahead and see if something’s in there… buen dia