Unknown 120 mm mortar undetification

Please help me to understand the symbols that stamped on mortar
1- Meaning of symbold
2- type of mortar( HE, WP, HC,…)

This is a Russian 120mm mortar illuminating projectile (white band) made in 1971 by “Krasnozavodsk Chemical Factory” of Krasnozavodsk. Their numerical code is #11.

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How about the blue section?

The flat with the rounded impression is a hardness test (QA of the steel alloy) and the other marks are factory internal.

The other stencilled markings on the upper right are the projectile body manufacturer (Penzamash of Penza) + factory internal markings.

EOD, It was Brilliant

They are 4 character around the flat rounded.
1-Can you help me more to translate or understand these character( 4 character)
2-And what is your mean from " FACTORY INTERNAL"?
3- HOW did you understand that projectile body belong to ( penzamash of penza)?
And projectile made by krasnozavodsk?

your information about identifying of unknown ammo are very exciting for me and useful.

Yaserdoma, the markings around the hardness test are almost random and are used as the fatcory administration is deciding.
With “factory internal” I mean administrative markings which are applied at certain work stations, usually when some machining or heat treatment was checked and approved or when a worker finished one particular operation and had to confirm his ID for this (for later QA).
The markings around the hardness test are as follows:
12h = 1E
3h = GL
6h = OL
9h = DL

Krasnozavodsk (the double triangle) is the factory which loaded/assembled the entire projectile.
Penzamash (#740) is the mechanical factory which manufactured the projectile body.

You need to keep in mind that not all components/operations are made by one factory.
For example you have plenty of explosives/loading factories which do not produce any metal parts. Means all projectile bodies, bomb bodies, warheads etc. are made elsewhere and are getting delivered to a explosives/loading factory. There the items are getting loaded/assembled and then do receive the factory code of the explosives plant as the final manufacturer of the cartridge, projectile, mine or what ever was manufactured.

EOD, I understood.
Your clarification and comments were comprehensive.
Thanks alot.

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