Unknown 20x102 T153E1 "type steel" round


Just added a strange marked 20x102 round to my collection.

It is marked 20mm T153E1 - Type Steel - FA X20-2513
Projectile’s driveband is marked *HVM-20-61 54 20MM T283E1
Case is steel with percussion primer

As far as i can find the T153E1 was a ‘Cartridge, Experimental, Practice, 20mm (Percussion Primer; 1600 grain projectile)’
No reference to the ‘type steel’ marking or steel case nor to the M283E1 projectile being used on the T153E1 cartridge…

A google-search learned me that in 2002 a similar ‘FA X20’ round with T283E1 projectile was sold, with diffrent lotnumber and same year of mfg (54) but that one didn’t had a primerpocket at all, and the case was brass…

Unfortunately the pictures are gone from that add.

I hope anyone has more info on this round/markings.


db1 db2 db3


T153E1 Cartridge, Practice, 20mm (Percussion Primer; 1600 grain Projectile).

That is all I could find in US Army information.


w.nsn-now.com/Indexing/ViewDetai … 0000090036

Edit: This designation also goes to a 120mm Shell. 120-mm HEAT shell, T153E1

Hi Joe,

Thanks. I found the same during my search of the web, unfortunately nothing about this particular round…