Unknown 20x110RR headstamp

I’ve recently purchased a new 20x110RR Oerlikon round at a gunshow. The projectile is a solid gray color, which according to my references is of a HE/T type, on a brass case. However, I cannont find any info on the headstamp.
The date of manufacturing is 1942 (42 at twelve o’clock), but it has a “546” at 4 o’clock, and the letter “B” inside a diamond at the 8 o’clock. Can anyone help me with this information?
Thank you all for the help.

“Se vis pacem parabellum”


Gray is HE-T and the manufacturer is Bridgeport Brass Co., Bridgeport, CT.


Thanks Ray…Any idea what the “546” mean? Could it be a lot number?
thanks again.

I think it is a lot number. Maybe others can expound on the number and tell what time of the day it was made. ;) ;) We’ve got some real experts on the Forum (I’m not one of them).


So i’ve noticed…thanks again.

Is it possible to get a visual (scan)?