Unknown 20x138B color

i’ve recently purchased what appears to be a german made 20X138B APT. The projectile is of a solid shot type with a yellow painted body and a white band just above the driving band. the projectile has a 40/4 witha waffen eagle in black stenciled ink. The HS reads the usual P at 12, star at 1, 39 at 9 and the fancy “G” at the 3 o’clock position. I’ve looked at my De Hek book, but it has no mention of a yellow body AP projectile. The round was part of a large ammunition crate that came with a Solothurn S18-1000, when it was purchased 15 years ago. Yellow has always been associated with an HE type round. Is this an APHE-T or just another AP-T designed/used specifically with this particular weapon? any information or comment is greatly appreciated. Thank you

This is simply because it is no marking for German forces ammunition but an export production m/39 AP-T for Sweden. The brown ones for this type are the TP-T version for them.

I believe this is the round in question:

Yes, and they are very hard to find in Germany.

yup that’s the one…thank you all for the help. So if i understand correctly this was made in Germany for export to Sweden?
thank you all.


What swedish gun was this cartridge fired in? Can only find the Lahti, i.e. finnish AT-rifle firing that caliber. Other long Solothurn guns seems to be german etc. My only copy of the Ammunitionskatalogen is from the late 70’s so it might have been out of use by then.

It was the Solothurn S18-1000 these were used in.
In addition Sweden had German 2cm Flak 30 too but there they been using regular German cartridges from military stock.

Not to forget that the cartridge is no Solothurn but a 20x138B Rheinmetall. Often mistaken!