Unknown .25 ACP no headstamp


I got a .25 ACP the other day. It is unfired, and has been drilled to remove the powder. It is brass cased, with a very rounded copper Berdan primer.
The bullet is a round-nose brass FMJ that was nickel plated (a fair bit of the nickel plating has worn off). I am sure the bullet is original, as the round has a very heavy neck crimp, that I am 95% sure is factory. It has no headstamp of any kind. Does anyone know who made .25 ACP rounds that fit this description?


Falcon - it will be hard to identify this round without direct comparison to known rounds with no headstamp. Unheadstamped 25 auto rounds are prolific - I have ten unheadstamped, unidentified .25 caliber ball rounds in my own collection, and probably some other unheadstamped ones that are identified from box labels. Some are quite similar to each other, but varying enough in details such as extractor groove and bevel width, etc., to be of different manufacture. This will be a tough one to positively identify, I think. I hope I am wrong, because I have one that sounds similar to yours that I have never been able to identify.


I thought this might be a tricky one.