Unknown 25mm projectile

  • I recently got an inert 25mm projectile but I know nothing about it. The projectile is 109.6mm tall [4.314-inch], it has a diameter of 25.5mm [1.003-inch] and it weighs 11.5 oz. I took a picture of the 25mm projectile with a .30-06 dummy round for scale. I cannot post here my own photo, somebody else will do it for me. Anyone who knows something about this 25mm projectile??? Thanks for any help, Liviu 10/26/07

Here is the pic for Liviu:


It is a 25mm Hotchkiss AP projectile for the 25x193R and 25x163.

  • @ EOD: Thanks, I’m glad it’s an old projectile and I like it. —> @ AKMS: Thanks for posting my photo. Liviu 10/26/07
  • @ EOD: The 25mm projectile I have [see my photo from above] is identical with the 25mm projectile of the 25X193R round which was fired by the 25mm French Hotchkiss anti-tank M.1934 gun, see here at —> municion.org/25x193R/25x193R.htm QUESTION: Was exactly the same 25mm projectile also used for the 25X163 round fired by the 25mm Hotchkiss anti-aircraft gun??? Liviu 10/26/07

Yes it was used on both cases. It is just hard to find on a 163mm AA case.

Hi Liviu

An interesting picture :


  • Thank you both for the excellent info. Liviu 10/27/07