Unknown 30-06 box

This box is filled with 19 cartridges headstamped LC 68 and one headstamped SL 53.
The cartridges have a FMJ bullet and a nickel primer.

The box doesn’t mention anything about the (re-)loader or for whom it was made. Any ideas ?

According to the box label, these are not reloads. It alludes to the cases as being “unfired.” They certainly don’t sound like original G.I. loads though. I have a small collection of commercial reload boxes for auto pistol calibers. It always surprised me that a few don’t show the name or address of the company that loaded the ammunition. A way dodge liability??? I don’t know how they get away with that.

Hi John,

I read it as that they used unfired cases for their loadings and not that these are unfired cartridges which were repacked.
(but of course, I am not a native Speaker)
I have quite a few Lake City military loadings and all have brass primers and none have nickel primers, which supports my case



I agree completely with your opinion. The point of my mention about “reloads” is that ammunition loaded on a new, unfired case, is not, by definition, a reload. In this instance, it is simply a loading of the case by someone other than the case manufacturer.

Sorry my initial response was not clearer.

Just a SWAG - Talon (Black Talon) re-manufactured ammunition ???

It is made by the Talon Manufacturing Co. using pulled down components from surplus USGI ammunition.
When the ammunition was demilled, the government stipulated that it had to be pulled down (disassembled) and the primers deactivated before it could be sold. Talon purchased the components, and then manufactured the 30-06 ammunition with new primers and the previous pulled bullets and powder.
Hope this helps.
They had two box issues that I can remember. With and without the manufactures info.

Thanks a lot, great info

I have the other Talon box as well but mine has a lot-number starting with TAL, so I didn’t make the connection to the box with the green label.
The box with the TAL lot-number contained cartridges with RA 53 headstamp