Unknown .30-06 headstamp

Hi guys, I recently received this relic-Nic .30-06 cartridge and cannot work out who’s it is.

It appears to have a “69” at 1o’clock and a “40” at 6o’clock or at least that’s what my eyes tell me. I am unsure if anything precedes the “6”.

The cartridge is Berdan primed and has the remnants of a mouth crimp.

I took two pictures but my phone is not playing the game with uploading them here. I will try again in the morning.


Here we go guys.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I can’t even think of anyone who used .30-06 that would have a headstamp style like this.


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with a little cleaning it may show K 69 .30 (Kynoch 1969).


You won’t be doing this any harm by cleaning it up a little and that will take the guesswork out of it.

Of course, I do believe you’ve solved it, thank you.

You can actually start to see the remnants of the K when you look at it now. Thanks again. image

Lol, it’s pretty baked by this stage. I’d already given it a wash and light scrub win hot water to no avail.

Thanks for your input.

The “K” is visible, but a good cleaning will confirm.


This is not a Kynoch headstamp but a Dutch one made by NWM. There is only a “.30” at 8 and a “69” at 4.



Try scrubbing the case with a brass wire brush. It is surprising how well brass cases can clean up. I have had good results with this method on cases which have sat outside on the ground for years.

Depending on how bad the corrosion is, a wire wheel on bench grinder can also be used. This will remove the surface corrosion, but barely remove any metal if done carefully.

Most of that corrosion is sitting on the surface of the metal.

Put it into baking soda with water (high concentration). Leave it there for 24h and then wash it off with an old tooth brush. Do not touch with your fingers before it is clean, wear rubber gloves when taking it out of the soda.
When all soda is gone you can touch it again.

You can buy a wire wheel with brass bristles from MSC Direct.