Unknown .303 Brit charger

Who is the maker?

To the best of my knowledge, there has not been a positive identification of the manufacturer who used this mark. I have one in my collection and I too would love to know who made it.

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Mayhem, your photos are a bit too dark and small to make out the stamping…if you could either show them better or actually print the letters/ signs, it would make things easier for us poor sighted oldies.

Doc AV.

Doc, it is my fault. I don’t know if these are letters or symbols. I even thought of reading it sideways.

I’ve gone over the stamp in Photoshop.


If you rotate it 90° CW it could be the mark of a company that made the spectacles used at the opera! Although, I suspect that it is an old style lower case “g”, which fits the time period (I think).

Vlad - adding some chalk dust may help with photographing if the stamp is deep enough to retain it.

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Despite years of looking (literally) I’ve yet to find a list that matches marks to makers. There are lists of makers from which connections can be extrapolated, but without the certainty of an official list … hence a lot of my chargers are listed as “unknown” rather than me making guesses.

When I first started compiling something like a definitive list I asked folk for pictures of 0,303” chargers they actually had, not ones they’d been told about … suddenly the list became smaller as the illusory ones disappeared … but proof, so far that’s escaped me.

I live in hope !


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