Unknown .303 Britisch head stamp

This fired case was found in east Africa.
Need some help identifying this head stamp.

Thank you,

According to Peter Labbetts book your headstamp is for the Indian government factory Dum, Dum. It was situated five miles from Calcutta. It used a variety of headstamp codes, ususally but no always in conjunction with the Indian Ordnance mark I ^ (broad arrow). The separate code letters ‘D’ ‘N’ ‘S’ and ‘DF’ were used. So your round is a MK VI ball round made in Dum Dum in March 1911.

My only query is that it looks like tinned brass, is this the case?


Here is a brighter image. This was a .303 Mark VI Ball cartridge made at the Indian Government Ammunition Factory, Dum Dum, India in March, 1911. I do not know what the “N” means, but this facility used the following code letters: D, N, S and DF

I believe the code “N” stands for the Northern Circuit and “S” for the Southern Circuit for the Indian Army inspectors. These were inspection areas, but how it quite worked I have not yet fathomed.

Whether there were two production lines at Dum Dum, one for each army inspection area I do not know. It is something I will try to get round to researching one day.


Thank’s all for the identification.


So, what does “D” and “DF” mean? Maybe “Dum Dum” & “Dum Dum Factory”?