Unknown 30x86b casing

Hello everyone,

I am looking to ID the country of manufacture for this 30x86b casing. It was suggested on one of the Facebook groups “RA” could stand for Remington Arms, but my research never shows anything about them being involved with the T121 cannon.

Only markings is “RA2/2957” on the belt, and the rim is squared off, unlike an American T158 cartridge pictured with it (which has no markings on the case).


His Rhys, this is a British 30x86B case for the Aden Low Velocity experimental gun.



Thank you Fede!

Do you by chance know what the markings mean? Is the square rim normal on the British cartridges as well? I only have an American example to compare with currently.

Hi Fede,

Are you sure it was only experimental? I had always understood that it did see some service before being replaced by the 30 x 111B.

I don’t know who manufactured the case. The square rim seems to be the standard with British made brass cases.

@Tony.Williams Tony, you are right about the gun, it did some service on the Swift and Hunter fighters.



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Thank you again Fede!maybe someday I can find a projectile for it.

Photo of similar Experimental 30x86B and a German 30x85B (213/30) for comparison.
The steel Drill round may be German or British? I would like to know.

The red projectile has EXPTL in white.
Both have RA2/2957 stamped into case above the belt, not into the belt like your unknown.
These are listed as 1945 experimentals and have a rim diameter of 31.9mm.
The German example and the Drill also have 31.9mm rims.

Later British 1950’s ADEN LV 30x86B had 33.3mm rim diameter.

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Those are really great cartridges Ron, thanks for showing! Great info as well, I don’t have a whole lot on the development of the 30x86b.

Also your photo of the British casing with the German 30x86rb MK108 projectile gave me an idea…

Yes I know, some might not agree with placing un-original projectiles in casings, but it’s for my personal collection.

The German 30x85B round is a steel case and headstamped: aux 45 4 with a practice projectile.
It is not a British case with a German projectile in it.
I personally do not like wrong projectiles in cases.Your choice of course.

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Ahhh okay, I thought it was a British made casing with a German projectile loaded into it.

I’m tight on shelf space so they will probably go back into storage until I can complete them properly.

2nd from right

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Why unknown? This is the “original” German design for the MG213C (the father of the 30x113B ADEN / DEFA). Just US production now.

The German originals:

And here one more German to the left + a variety of British & US copies:

Image source: internet.

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Wasn’t that 30x90rb, not the 30x86b ?

No, the 30x91RR was for the MK108. And this was no revolver cannon.