Unknown .32 Centrefire/ Hstp

Sorry no pics so I’ll try and describe it to the best of my ability.

(Imperial measurements in brackets)
Projectile Diameter:7.4mm (0.29)
Case Length: 16.3mm (0.64)
OAL: 25.8mm (1.016)
Rim Dia: 9.5mm (0.37)
Primer Pocket: 4.5mm
Rimmed Straight case
The headstamp says .320 which made me think of .320 Revolver but measurements are wrong.

Full headstamp says (as best I can read): “V.F.M & OLE LIEGE”

Any ideas?

VFM is : Francotte, Liege, in Belgian


Hey Guys did a google search for this headstamp and found my own thread that I’d completly forgotten about. So VFM is Francotte But what about the Ole Liege? Made in Liege?

Sorry … OAL = 5,8 mm? What do you mean with the term OAL?

I think that the headstamp is VFM & Cie LIEGE . Maybe it is a bit difficult to read and CIE can be read as Ole

All the dimensional data but the case lenght are correct for a 320 Revolver cartridge . Note that these cartridges usually have a very strong crimp so the actual lenght of your case would be a little more than the 11 mm you measured.Anyway your round has a short case for a 320 Revolver round.According to Brandt its lenght could range between 14,73 and 18,29 mm ( for shot loads with lenghtened case)
I have a round with the same hds.Will let you know its case lenght

Thanks Pivi. It’s the OverAll Length. And it’s meant to say 25.8. Which it now does. So if it is Cie, what does that mean.

I’m not convinced its not a “.320” whatever that may mean in real terms. Being Belgian, home of the cheap pocket pistol in those days, makes it very credible as a Saturday night special load since a significant percentage of Saturday night specials were Belgian made.

I had better explain myself a bit more clearly. I’m not sure to what extent the ammuniton manufacturers of the day felt in any way constrained to stick to the dimensions used by other manufacturers. They also weren’t too particular about how they described them either.

There were no recognised industry standards much less international standards so if the round fits in the gun that was good enough. Most of these .32 pocket pistols were very loose in the chambers anyway.

So the fact that it doesn’t conform to recognised dimensions shouldn’t automatically rule it out as a “varient”. However, if it is a varient previously undocumented that would make it an interesting find.

I really have to make sure I triple check my measurements before I post. And triple check mental state due to caffine (or lack of), sleep (or lack of) and alcohol (or presence of). Make the case length 16.3mm. So by Pivi’s info that brings it well within dimensions of .320 Revolver.

Falcon5NZ - “Cie.” is simply the abbreviation for “Companie.” VFM & Cie. Liege = V. Francotte-May and Company located in Liege, Belgium.

Thanks guys. So it’s a .320 revolver by V. Francotte-May and Company of Liege, Belgium.