Unknown .338 LM API

Dear colleagues,

I need some help in identify a .338 LM with an API bullet. It is a cutaway model, so I can`t measure the original weight.

  • 2 pieces jacket, rump of copper, front of Tombak
  • tungsten core with two angles at his front
  • in front and behind the tungsten core an incendiary mix is located, it looks like the same mix as used by the rusian B32 API in 7,62x39/54R (Al/Fe2O3)
  • headstemp: L in shield, .338 LAPUA MAG.

I don`t know if Lapua is the manufactor or used the manufactor only Lapua cases.

Thanks for any help.



Sorry, don’t check messages often, but do reply when I see them.

Also do not know who the maker of this round is, maybe Paul Smith knows. He is the other cutter that lives in Canada (also a IAA member). Interesting looking round. You say tungsten core, how did you section the tungsten? Impressive.


It is an industrial machine which can sand tungsten.
Following some more sectioned cartridges with tungsten core.


  • 5,56 Nammo AP
  • 5,56 MEN AP
  • .308 MEN AP
  • .308 RUAG Swiss P AP
  • .308 MEN Subsonic AP
  • .300 WM MEN AP old version
  • .300 WM MEN AP actual version
  • .338 LM Lapua AP 16,1 g
  • .338 LM unknown Lapua AP
    Some of then with inert replacement propellant.


Chris, great photo and info! Thanks a lot!

@wolfganggross check this out