Unknown 380-9mm short headstamp

I have this 380/9mm K headstamp in 34 and 35
Has this headstamp been identified?
Unknown 380 headstamp

Bob, this is Yugoslavia, “Fabrika Oruzie I Munitsie Uzitse”. Or today known as “PPU”.

I think it never was much of a secret:

Thank you.

Bob - here are pictures of two marking variations of the FN Model 1922 pistol supplied to Yugoslavia. The pictures and cards are from my catalog of my long-gone (early 1970s) Auto Pistol collection, that got me started on collecting auto pistol cartridges.

Also is a picture of the box label for the FOMU 9 mm Short cartridges, from 1935.

Pictures by JLM. Pistol and box label are not to the same scale. The data cards explain the pistols. There are at least two other known slide markings, but I never had them and don’t recall the content of them at this point.

John Moss

Yugo FN 1922 9mm Brng Box 1935

I just noticed that I seem to have scanned the same file card for the pistols twice. The other pistol is the same, but marked “Police” in Serbian Cyrillic, followed by a number. The pistol characteristics are the same. Sorry about that. I was able to remove the duplicate picture myself.

John Moss