Unknown 380 Rev. Headstamp

Can anyone identify the manufacturer or this 380 Revolver heastamp. The best description is a triangle that is 90% open on bottom with a A inside it.

This head stamp was used by N.V. HANDELMAATSCHAPPU H. ALARD FILS & CIE, MAASTRICHT, NETHERLANDS. It is also known on 450 revolver.

Further to what George has posted, I can add that H.Alard & Fils were formed in 1867 and stayed around until at least 1940 (they are mentioned in a document in the Dutch National Archives listing them as suppliers of munitions to Artillerie Inrichtingen in 1940). They maintained a London address from 1896-1900 and the trademark “A in triangle” was registered in France on March 17, 1898 and in the Netherlands on Feb 3, 1898. I do not know who made the ammunition for them but don’t believe they made it themselves. …Chris P.