Unknown .44 centerfire


I’m having no luck trying to identify this .44 centerfire cartridge. It is to the right of the .44 long rimfire in the second picture. Measurements of the mystery cartridge are:
Bullet - .439”
Neck - .438”
Base - .438”
Rim - .503”
Case lgth - 1.023”
Overall lgth - 1.540”

The measurements of the bullets, necks and bases of the two cartridges are the same, so perhaps it is just a centerfire version of a rimfire cartridge.




Possibly a .442 Long Revolver. D.W.M. 229
The only issue is the case base diameter is about 0.009 shy in diameter on your round. I would say close enough to call it.



Could this be an old model .44 Evans?



Looking for info on .44 Evans. All I have is chamber dimensions.
0.512" rim
0.454" base
0.446" mouth


Ok, got it.
44 Evans short;
Bullet diameter 0.419"
Neck 0.439"
Base 0.440"
Rim 0.513"
Case length 0.990"
Overall 1.44"

Close, but I feel the .442 Long Revolver. D.W.M. 229 is closer.
Dan, very good suggestion however.



I had checked the Evans; too long for the old model and too short for the new. I’ll look st the .442. I had not considered anything British; it just looked too ‘American’ to me with that 2 grooved flat nose bullet.


The overall length of the mystery cartridge of 1.540” could be a problem if used in a revolver.


The .442 Long was also used in a Carbine which the cartridge was often referred to as the .442 Rook, .442 Carbine, .442 Long, .442 Long Rifle or .442 Kangaroo. All the same cartridge. The measurements for this cartidge is almost identical to yours with an over length of just over 1.5" and a Case length of 1.03", with the same rim and base size as yours. I would say Joe nailed it.


I’ll log it in the collection as a .442. Thanks Curtis, Joe and Dan.