Unknown .45 ACP headstamp

Hi everyone, does someone know something about this headstamp?, I haven’t found anything in other sources.

Is this a steel case?

Made in Mexico by Industrias Tecnos, S.A. de C.V. (“Águila” brand). Brass case.

More information here: 9mm ammunition manufacturer?


It’s made of brass

I see, that’s pretty interesting. I would have never guessed, I hope I could get more info though, is there an article or something you know??

These showed up mixed in Agulia boxes some years ago. I had heard it was known in 45 ACP and have had it in 40S&W and one live round in 9mm that I picked out of a full box of commercial Agulia ammo.

At a Shot Show a year or so later I had the opportunity to talk to a senior technical guy and ask him about this headstamp. He appeared surprised that it had turned up. He told me that the five star headstamp was used on ammunition made for internal use and not intended to be sold. He figured somebody poured the wrong cases into the case bins on the loading line. Is this the true story? I have no idea. It could have been a contract load for somebody he did not want to mention. Still, it is the only story I have heard and the guy is credible, and may have been telling the truth.


Fede, thanks for the “re-link”!