Unknown .45 bullet ID

A friend gave me this bullet. It looks like very “Glaser style” to me, but I am not sure about that. Has flat red plastic tip and a closed base.

Diam: .449" , lenght: .575"

No one?

The only thing I can say is I don’t remember ever seeing a bullet with a base like that one. But then I am no expert either.


Pivi, None of my 9mm Glaser bullets are similar to this. In fact, I don’t recall seeing a bullet with this tip style before. I believe a number of countries have made Glaser style bullets. I know South Africa has produced variations of the Glaser, but none in 9mm that look like this one.

Would the origin of the bullet offer a clue?


it has been found in an italian shooting range near where I live some years ago. I can say that this place is near the Slovenian border

The base is similar to a 9mm 123gr JHP made by Fiocchi a while back (bad copy of a Winchester bullet), with a copper ‘plate’ pressed into the base of the bullet in order to make it ‘lead-free’, at least at the firing point (no lead exposed to burning gases during ignition or projection).

Maybe a low/no-tox indoor range pill?

Pivi, how much does it weigh?

I don’t have a scale at hand, all I can say is that it is quite light for a 45 bullet. Maybe in the 150 - 160 grains range