Unknown .45 Colt by Hornady Frontier


A table holder at SLICS had this box of Hornady .45 Colt cartridges and had asked me what they were. I wasn’t sure, but I assumed they were proof loads? Others had also assumed they were proof loads but nobody could attest to having seen these before. The end-flaps on the box were blank, and so it was a seemingly generic box. The box says "loaded with “super-shock bullets”, but these are not that type of bullet. Has anyone seen these or ones just like them before (the picture makes the primer color look purple, but it is actually the same color as the bullet):


I collect .45 Colt (have over 300) but I have not seen this load before. It obviously was not made by Hornady as the cases are Winchester plus the box appears to be a .45 ACP box, not a .45 Colt box.