Unknown 5.56 headstamp-TAA 10

I was at a gun show today and saw a ammo can full of 5.56 reloads. the headstamp on the brass cases was NATO bomb TAA 10. who is TAA?

I think it is Taiwan Government Arsenal, but I am no expert. There are more experienced 5.56 collectors on here


Russ, it’s better if you can post a picture!!

Ron Fuch’s book, “The Reference Book On .223 REMINGTON (5.56 X 45MM) C A R T R I D G E S THEIR VARIATIONS, AND OTHER RELATED CARTRIDGES AND ITEMS” , lists TAA as TAIWAN GOVERNMENT ARSENAL, Material Production Centre, Nankang, Tapei.

(+) TAA 06, (+) TAA 07, and (+) TAA 08 fired cases with nickel primers, are listed as apparently reloads. The reloads you saw are possibly the same source with more recent brass. Did the rounds you saw have nickel primers?

I can’t post a picture of the TAA 10 because I did not buy any.

they look like reloads to me-they had nickel primers.

This ammunition was made by The 205th Arsenal, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (previously referred in US publications as “Taiwan Arsenal”).