Unknown 5.56 Projectile for ID

Sample referred to me by a company that mostly handles ammunition components pulled down from live ammo (i.e. demilled). They wanted to ID these projectiles that they have, so they can be accurately described for sale.

Has anyone seen these before?

55 grain, traditional copper jacket, but with powdered FERROUS metal core. Blunt tip. The core is 100% enclosed by the jacket, no open tip, no open base, copper all the way around. Listed as “frangible,” though I’m familiar with the traditional monolithic solid compressed powder frangibles such as sinterfire and tombob, as well as the jacketed frangible such as the Mk311 AA40, these are distinctly different in several features.

See attached photo with 5.56 M855 62 gr projectile for scale.


Hi Keith,

It looks like a FireFrangible 55 gr plated lead-free bullet by Precision Ammunition, LLC. The core is made of sintered iron.