Unknown 5.56 x 45 blanks with wooden bullets

Does anyone know who made 5.56x45 blanks using wooden bullets of natural and red color, and LC and TZZ headstamps of the early 90’s? I believe that these are of Finnish origin.

Actually the Swedes made such blanks in several calibers (for their own forces: 5.56x45, 7.62x51, 7.62x54R - I think 6.5x55 to but do not remember) and also supplied red ones to the Finns for their first 7.62x39 which were blue in the final version the Finns made.

Alex, thanks for this information. These are of rather crude manufacture using badly dented fired cases and nickeled primers.

The Swedish ones (and Finnish) I have seen looked like Scandinavain quality.

Any chance you could show us the cartridges in question?

Alex, this one is headstamped -NATO symbol- TZZ 93 and another very similar is headstamped -NATO symbol- LC 92. The one with the red wooden bullet (same profile) is headstamped -NATO symbol- TZZ 95.

Fede, these are definately different.
The Swedish ones were bright red and had a real laquer coating.

Might your’s here be a movie blank or something similar? (the relaoded brass may be an indicator)

Anti-vampire munitions!