Unknown 5,56 x 45 mm NATO steel case tracer (?)

Thank you all for adding your invaluable information. IAA truly is composed by knowledgeable people.

Fascinating story about their «ammunition smuggling». Is HILTI the same HILTI company that makes blank rounds for nail guns for the construction industry?

John, you are spot on with:

I definitely thought it was a regular tracer round at first.

  • Ole

Allegedly, 7,500 Wieger rifles and 1,800,000 rounds of 5.56mm ammunition were delivered to India in 1989. The same year, the Peruvian Army awarded a $7,867,550 contract for 10,000 Wieger StG942 and 10,000,000 rounds of 5.56mm ammunition. Only 2,000 rifles and 2,000,000 rounds were delivered. Some of the Wieger rifles ended up on the US market as parts kits.

I was under the belief that the Indian contract was cancelled and unfulfilled aside from a few test pieces, as the DDR crumbled and the factory was shut down? Am I wrong?

  • Ole

Ole - That may be the case. My source is “Kalashnikov - The Arms and the Man” - Pg 142.

Peru certainly received some rifles, as I have seen a couple of StG 942 in hands of Peruvian security forces, but I have no idea of the actual number delivered and I have never seen any cartridges. In relation to this, years ago I found a single page of a brochure of the 7.62x39 tracer round (likely by VEB SWL) in Spanish language! This remains as a small piece of evidence of the East German ammunition promotion in South America.