Unknown 5.56

Hello all, I’m lacking documents in my library for 5.56 and although I can figure out most, once in a while I have one that I can’t find but I’m sure someone here knows. See picture… tip is slightly magnetic. As usual thanks!

It’s an Austrian armour piercing round manufactured in 1983 by Sudsteirische Metallindustrie.

Jim, thanks. Is there a book that you would recommend for 5.56 ammunition? I seem to have a gap in my material concerning this ammunition. Again, thank you sir. V/r Henry

It would have to be “The History & Development of the M16 Rifle and its Cartridge” by David Hughes. Its a bit dated now but still an excellent work.

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Thanks Jim I’ll go look for a copy today sir…

The work by Ron Fuchs is a great source of information but massive and available in pdf only. A link to it was posted on here ages ago. I uploaded it and his .50 cal reference to the research centre but I believe they are still awaiting approval.

Roger that, I will be keeping my eyes peeled! I’m surprised to see how expensive these books are and I wonder why, with the obvious demand, that new editions are not made.

I went ahead and ordered it. I figured since I’m getting deeper into collecting it’ll be worth the stretch. Again, thanks for the recommendation

When you buy a cartridge for a collection, you learn about that one cartridge. When you buy a book about ammunition, you learn about hundreds of cartridges.

My own observation, to consider or ignore. We all collect as we want to and study the subject as we want to, and that’s how it should be with a hobby.

You will enjoy Dave Hughes’ book on the .223 (5.56 x 45). All cartridge books that cover ammunition still in production are “dated” from the day after they are published, but they are valuable regardless.

John Moss

Thanks John, always appreciate your opinion, as well as many others here. I have a limited (but growing) 5.56 collection. Till now my only resources are HWS Vol. lll, this forum, and anything I can find online. I just ordered that book from ebay, was the cheapest I could find. It was pricey but to me well worth it.

I’ll be back for more as I recently acquired about 40 seriously cool rounds in 5.56, about half are foreign. Also, as I annotate and categorize i’ve noticed that I have a couple unmarked in the cases from sometime before. Obviously ones I haven’t figured out yet. I’ll be making a few more posts here soon I think… again, thanks John!

You might find the answers to some of your questions via my website militarycartridges.com
Section 034 relates to 5.56mm.

Thank you Jim, I will definitely save that link. Another fine member here sent me a link to download the Fuchs 3400 page mother-load as well! I will go to your site now because I have one here with no head stamp…

Saved in my favorites now!! Thank you!

I don’t concentrate on 5.56, but I do have a decent collection of non-US rounds. I have found Hughes’ book and separate listing to be invaluable, for both 5.56 and a number of other calibers.