.Unknown .50 BMG Bullet (Tracer?)


I have a .50 BMG bullet which has been pulled from a case.
I do not have the case it came from, so no headstamp. the bullet has a brown tip and the rest of the bullet down to the crimping cannelure is chemicaly stained black. The part of the bullet that would have been inside the case is plain GMCS. The base of the bullet is covered with a GM base plate held in place by the bullet jacket which has been turned over it. It is 2.374 inches long and weighs 632.7 gr. Any body have an idea what loading it is?


Except for the chemically blackened jacket part, the rest sounds just like standard M17 Tracer.

Photo, side & base, might help.

Keith Pagel


Keith–Here is a scan. I don’t have a camera. The black is very uniform and does not appear to be “ageing” patena.
I was not able to get a good scan of the base, but it looks like a standard enclosed tracer base


Yep. Definitely a tracer of some sort. Interesting coloration.