Unknown .50 cal rounds

LC75, 1k/1k, green tip
LC70, 1k, silver tip
FA40, T2 case, 1k, silver tip

The only real reference I can find to silver tip rounds with a single knurled canelure are the first year AP rounds used for plate test rounds, before they became black/silver. MAYBE the FA40 T2 round is that because the FA40 would be correct, but with it being a T2 case, who knows.


LC in 70 wasn’t making M8 API. M8 api has a smooth cannelure, not a knurled. Silver tip with knurl was used for a short time for AP platetest rounds, and that MIGHT be the T2 usage with the FA40 headstamp. It’s not crimped though, so maybe they just stuffed the bullet into an FA40 case?

LC 75 green tip is a standard M17 Tracer, sold at a gun show as “Green Tracer.” It’s just a normal M17 though as the igniter for the trace compound was slightly green in appearance. The seller never shot them beyond 100 yards, so never saw the trace color change to the typical red. So he thought they’d trace green all the way. Since he thought he had green tracer, he decided to repaint all the tips, so that he knew how they would perform. I confirmed this with the seller, bought several to research, pulled and ignited the projectiles to observe the result.