Unknown 556 cartridge

Please help me to identify this 556 cartridge, I suspect this is a chinese ammo consider that I got it from china. The headstamp is “PSD 1 3” Thanks. And please ignore the fact that there is something weird in the primer housing.

Are you sure its 5.56mm, not 5.8mm?. I’m guessing a second life as a key ring.

Should be South Korea, Poon Sang the D can 't remember me direct. They exist also with ‘PS’ in the headstamp. Jan.

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its 556, the length of the casing is 45mm, and yes it “was” a key ring!

( South Korea)
If you got it from PRC, then it was soldby a Korean scrap dealer to a Chinese foundry/ recycler.
Doc AV

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Thanks for the information:)

I agree with Doc Av. The Chinese make key rings and toys out of scrap cartridge cases. I have several of the toys, military toys like a tank, missile, etc., and in auto pistol calibers, about a half dozen key rings. Its about the only way to get some of the newer Chinese rounds.

I had to laugh when I bought my toy tank. I paid a pretty large sum for my first 5.8 Chinese Pistol cartridge, a fired case at that. My little tank has a lot of 5.8 pistol rounds on it, some with correct shape bullets in them. I paid about 13 bucks for the tank.
Don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

John Moss

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