Unknown 6.5mm dummy

Hi all,

I have a dummy round I cannot identify, so all the help is welcome.

Its a dummy round, but from what country, produced by who, and for who, etc.

thanks in advance.


Joost: I believe it’s by Berndorfer Maschinenfabrik in Austria. JG

How about some dimensions ? I suspect it is 6.5x54R but not the mannlicher ??

Very nice round…got any more???

Hi Joost,

I believe this is a previously unknown specimen of the 6,5 x 54 R Mauser (DWM 392A - 13,3 mm rim) or the 6,5 x 54 R Beaumont-Mauser (DWM 392B - 13,1 mm rim).

About 1891-1892 the Netherlands experimented with seven different rifle models provided by the firm Edouard de Beaumont. None was considered satisfactory.

Measurements please?

First, thank you all for all the information, and here are some measurements:

Total length: 3.061" / 77.76mm
case length: 2.122" / 53,90mm
rim diameter: 0.512" / 13.01mm
length straight body part: 1.574" / 40.00mm
length diagonal part: 0.240" / 06.11mm
neck length: 0.285" / 07.26mm
bullet diameter: 0.256" / 06.51mm

So, it is more likely the DWM 392B based on the rim diameter…

thanks again,

PS. did the Berndorfer Maschinenfabrik produce DWM designed cartridges?

Just for comparison a normal Dutch Mannlicher ball round (scherpe no 1) and the dummy round.


Hi Joost,

        Remember this is a tentative identification of a previously unknown caliber/case type. Available case measurements for DWM 392B seems very close to your specimen (case lenght 54,00 mm, rim diameter 13,10 mm, head diameter 11,45 mm and inside mouth diameter 6,68 mm). The case shape is also very similar to DWM case book and 1904 No. 3 catalog drawings. 

        I don't know about any written reference about commercial relations between Berndorfer Maschinenfabrik and DM-K. However, this kind of dummy configuration looks exactly the same as early DM-K production. Coincidence?

PS. Can you post head diameter, shoulder diameter and rim thickness? Thanks.

Hi Folks,

Fede, I understand it is just a quest what this dummy is all about…

these are the other measurements:

Rim diameter: 0.056" / 1.42mm
shoulder diameter: 0.288" / 7.32mm
I’m not sure what is meant by the head diameter, but the diameter just above the rim is: 0.444" / 11,29mm, the rim itself is: 0.512" / 13.01mm

Intriguing dummy cartridge though…

wishes, Joost


“Did some research on this years ago and decided it’s probably the 6.5 Beaumont. A very rare item. Mine is exactly the same.”

@ CSAEOD, thank you for asking, this is also very helpful, I do appreciate it…

I now understand I have a real interesting dummy in my collection :-)