Unknown 7.62 mm cartridge

I have a 7.62 mm box photo.
I want to get information about:
1-Factory and cuntry
2- length of case

5N what dose mean?

Looks like a can of Warsaw pact 7,62 mm ammo ( picture is too dark to distinguish printing properly.)
A better lighted photo would help clarify the identification
With all the printing in English, it is Export ammunition into the West or Third World.

Doc AV

D29-77 = Hungary 1977?

“SN” is used on sniper rounds in 7,62x54R but seeing as the quantity is 660 this is probably 7,62x39 so I don’t know what it would mean here. For 54R the typical number is 440 rounds/can.

DocAV4901 - check your screen settings, on mine it is perfectly clear.
LOT POWDER VU FL 82-77 U (or II)


I agree with Ole that it shoud read “SN”. Though the meaning with 7.62x39 must be different.
As it is meant to be English it could be “soft nose”. To clarify that the can should be opened. That would also shed light on the headstamps and would allow for a definitive ID (most likely).

As the propellant lot is given with “U” I assume it to be of Romanian manufacture for export (unlikely for western countries).


It’s a Romanian box of 7.62x39 cartridges made by Sadu in 1977. “SN” is the Romanian designation of this cartridge loaded with a steel core bullet.



Fede thanks
Why do you think it belongs to SADU?

Because noone else in Romania made/makes 7.62x39.

But russia and china and…made before.
You say that any 7.62* 39 we see, it belongs to romania?

This is a Romanian tin so here it can only be SADU.
How do you relate Russia and China now?

I think his question was to HOW the can was identified as Romanian as opposed to e.g. Russian or Hungarian.


Cartridge designation, lot numbers, powder type, quantity, font type, box shape, and paint color. All of them point to Sadu of Romania.

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Fede +1.

Ole, to me the first and main ID was in the “U” of the propellant lot.
This is the reason why people should not only look at lists with headstamps and numbers as even that has a high chance to lead to the wrong conclusion.

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That’s very kink of you.