Unknown 7.62 x 39

I picked up the following in a bag of assorted rounds at SLICS:

7.62 X 39 with brass case and GMCS bullet with 91 at 12:0 clock and 91(inv) (or 16) at 6:0 clock with green laquered primer and four stab crimps securing projectile.
Any ideas as to source of manufacture

Sounds odd. Can you post a pic of the headstamp?

Unable to take decent photograph that clearly shows the headstamp.
If you had it in your hand it reads 91 at the top and 16 at the bottom, 91 could be year date and 16 could be factory code.
Alternatively 91 could be factory code and 91 could be date ( inverted)
I have a South African round with headstamp 91 14 but the characteristics of this round are completely different to the subject round.


Definitely 91 at 12:0 clock and 91 inverted at 6:0 clock, the small angled tale at the top of the 1 confirms it.
Never heard of 91 code.

We would really need images of the hs and the side view of that one. It is almost impossible to ID something that seems to not having been documented before.

An inverted date usually intimates Polish production. Could one of the 91s actually be 21 poorly stamped?

John, bxn also used inverted dates - there being less regarded as it was never a question in ID.
BTW: Late Polish production used “regular” applied dates.

As said we need images as I have seen too many missinterpretations. If the hs here is legit then it is definately worth to be made available to the community for further research.

EOD - when did Poland switch to normal orientation of the date on small arms ammo headstamps? I ask this especially in connection to the 9 x 18 mm Makarov round, of which my latest date from Poland in “09” for 2009, and is inverted as they were all during production, at least to that date.

John, no neccessity that they have really switched intentionally. Or if so they may have figured that there is no other factory 21 (Hungary) anymore from which they may have tried to be distinguished from.
Anyhow there is a 7.62x39 with “21 09” hs. That is surprising in itself as already in 2008 there was a hs which followed the pattern which was used since the NATO calibers got adopted where the caliber is given in the hs. Means there is a “7.62x39 21 08” and a “7.62x39 21 11”.

So again it seems that there is no rule without exception.

For the records: so far I have never seen a Polish 9x18 with caliber designation in the hs.

All of the above of course applies only to military headstamps.

Alex, I will bring it to Germany in two weeks for you to check out.


Here are the pics I got from Dave. My first thought is Iranian.


The PA looks much like it though the primer crimps are missing and the proj. is magnetic (scarce but happens with Iranians).

Nice hs variation!

I agree on Iran, bullet tip, style of 9 and 1 point into that direction.