Unknown 7,62x39 blanks

Hi guys!
Does anybody knows who is the manufacturer of those blanks?

These are made by ZVS Holding a.s., Dubnica nad Váhom, Slovak Republic. The former “gts”.

They are using the NCAGE codes.

Thanks EOD!

EOD, what are the NCAGE codes? Please explain NCAGE.

Pete, a NCAGE code means “NATO Commercial and Governmental Entity”, and is required for foreign organizations as a method to identify a given facility at a specific location.

Alex, this code was actually assigned to ZVS Impex, a.s., which is a daughter company of ZVS holding, a.s. (same address). In its origins this company was also dedicated to the production of cartridges, but these were toner cartridges for printers!

NCAGE: NATO Commercial And Government Entity Code

These are basically issued to anyone doing business with the NATO (no matter in what field).
These have been around for decades and never were an issue with ammunition untill the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic started using these on ammunition (earliest observed in 2003).
If this is done intentionally or if it is merely a result of a missunderstanding (as where somebody understood that these have to be used on ammunition too and not only in correspondence) I can not say and may be hard to find out. Also the use of the new code system is not 100% continuous by now but there are already cases where suppliers from abroad used the codes on ammo supplied to the two countries.

During my work on the ammunition manufacturer database of communist countries (and successor states) I noticed that this is basically unknown to the ammo interested community and I will prepare an article about this subject for the IAA and ECRA bulletin soon.

Fede, yes. They are the same company (and same address). ZVS (not the impex branch) is using NCAGE “1003M”.

Thank you, gentlemen.