Unknown 7.62x39


I got this East German M43 cartridge today. What type of bullet does it have? Headstamp is 05 75



I was wrong.

waffenbuecher.com/HiMaSch/pa … ammler.htm

Thank You!

My apology!!!
I guess I didn’t read my copy well enough!!!

How much is the collector value of this?

The only DDR short range tracer I have seen in the US are of the later style with the all-green projectile. I would call this a very early variation, rare in the US, and If I were actively collecting this caliber, would pay $40 or more for one. I cannot comment on values in Europe…

Is this a live round or inert?


strakv and AKMS,

it is true that this is the rare early variation, even here on the old continent. I have been chasing those for ages without success like devils chase poor souls, and not even got to see one. With all that years old frustration in my back I’d even give