Unknown 7.62x39

Just got this pic of an unidentified 7.62x39, no additional info provided. Looks Russian to me. Any thoughts?

Looking at it again, appears to be the Russian letters ? P Z. “Something” Patronyi Zavod?

Zinc plated steel? Sure would suggest Russia. For what it’s worth, the triangular mark at 9 o’clock is typical of the ejector mark left by an AK type weapon…


Yes, looks like zinced steel, but waiting on info or confirmation.

That first letter is turned the wrong way to be a Russian Cyrillic letter, but it could be the Ukrainian Cyrillic letter representing the sound “IE.” I still can’t identify it though, as the commercial headstamp I have on Makarov from Ukraine is LPZ (in Cyrillic) for Lugansk Patronney Zavod.

Interesting headstamp I have never seen before on any cartridge. Good stuff! Thanks for posting it Jon.

Might it be “BPZ”/“БПЗ”? I’ve heard this is a mark used by Barnaul, but haven’t seen it before.

Great ID - can’t get better than that. I see now that the cross bar in the first character is visible. I did not see it initially, as it is in shadow. It looked like a backwar “3” to me initially.

Anyone know if this headstamp has been seen on 9mm Para or 9 x 18 Makarov?