Unknown 7,62x51 Dummy

Is it possible to tell what country this dummy comes from?

Awhile back I asked about a steel cased 8mm Italian with the word NATO in the headstamp, Raised in a dish, so perhaps with this dished head it is also Italian? Even though as I understand it they are not a NATO member?

Italy is of course a NATO member, but there is no NATO-issued STANAG describing any 8 mm cartridge. So there is no 8 mm NATO, whatever the headstamp says. Also, dummies do not exist in the 7.62 mm STANAG document. A 7.62 x 51 Dummy is therefore not really a 7.62 mm NATO cartridge.

From the picture it looks to be quite a deep recess in the cartridge head, might it have had the headstamp removed by lathe-turning to obscure its source ?


Yes, the cartridge base has a deep groove, but in my opinion it is too deep to remove just one stamp.

is likely to be an Italian cartridge 7.62 NATO with the headstamp removed, you see the imprint of the link
this was often done by rechargers using military cases for recharging…
in Italy a case with the NATO/OTAN logo becomes very dangerous, I don’t know if other nations have the same idiotic problem.

Italy is a NATO member, I think. We had a guy at work who was stationed in Europe during the Cold War. He had some cool stories. Once they had to train together with Italian tank crews. When they got inside an Italian tank, they found all ammo replaced by wine,cheese and cured sausages. He remembered that joint excercise forever.