Unknown 7.62x51mm Link or packaging strip

Sorry for the confusion of placing this in the TADEN Topic, I’m very keen to hear from JFL what this is.

What is this aluminum ‘link’ or ‘packaging’? Its quite flimsy, ridged and has been cut from a longer length. 7,62x51mm rounds fit it nicely.

This belt belongs to a series designed and patented by A. Grandy who worked at Frankford and Picatinny Arsenal.
The corresponding patent is numbered 3,759,137 granted on September 18 1973.

This belt was designed for use in a modified 7.62mm GE Minigun system with a special cutter device in the feed system to slice open each link.
Different patterns of such aluminum belts were designed for pre-packed Minigun ammo.
Up to 8 different variants are known from surviving specimens.

Here is one variant with the rounds in place :

Here is another example similar to the one shown on the patent :

I will prepare a short note for the IAA Journal which will show the 5 different variants I have in my collection.



Thank you JFL for the ID of this very unusual ‘ladder’ link and the patent for it, I plan to add this and the ‘Euro’ link examples I have to a new page on my web site dealing with experimental/trials/prototype links. I take it from the patent information this ladder link is an American innovation?

The Euro Link, was it a British?, American?, French? innovation or a NATO working committee project? Just wonder what flags to assign to the link.

There is a reference to the links in Issue 456 of the IAA Journal.

FWIW: Andrew Grandy is probably better known for his folded ammunition concept. He had an article about its history in Issue 316 of The International Cartridge Collector.