Unknown 7,62x53R/54R bullet (Finnish?)

Anyone able to ID this bullet?
I bought it in a ziploc bag together with a 1942 VPT casing. Don’t know if it belongs to the case, obviously.

The bullet’s dimensions:
7,9 mm Ø
33,2 mm length
ca 10 grams

Bullet jacket is magnetic. The color tip is about 10 mm from the tip.
Could be a heavy ball cartridge but I’m hoping it’s something slightly more interesting…


Are you sure the actual diameter is 7,9mm?
That is the diameter of the .303 Projectile…which the Finns used in Aircraft MGs -(British and Czech made).

7,62 Russian projectiles range .309-.310" (7.85-7,87mm)

Doc AV.

Ole, what is the exact tip color?

Heavy ball is to be excluded as your ca. 10 gram likely isd a 9.7 gram what makes it a “light” load.
Means this must be something else.
Is the visible part of the core lead?

My calipers read out at closer to 7,9 mm than 7,85 mm, so it might very well be around 7,87 mm. I sadly don’t have access to a set of digital calipers or micrometer right now, but I’ll try to get precise measurements…

Don’t have a very accurate scale here, so 10 g is the best I can give.
The visible inside is quite hard, I can scratch it, but not “gouge” as one typically can with exposed lead based bullets.


It looks like a yellow/golden color, but as you can see is quite faded, might have been orange-ish too.


Optically and dimensionally it appears to be the Russian heavy “D” (all lead core) but the weight does not fit. Also the soft steel core does not fit (but would explain the lower weight). Also not to confuse it with the Russian soft steel core “D” surrogate which was longer then.
The Finns did not make this kind of projectile with “open base” as it was a more Russian design.
I checked the excellent book of Pitkänen and Simpanen on 7.62x54R bullets* (NO, not the one on the cartridges!) but did not find a single type which would be consistent with this one here.

Any chance for an x-ray?

  • Suomessa 1920- ja 1930-luvuilla kehitetyt 7,62 mm kiväärinluodit, 2016

Thanks for the reply Alex.
I’ll try to get it weighed on a bullet scale this weekend, but until then I don’t have much to go on.
I’m a little stumped by they’d put a VPT 43 casing with a Russian/USSR bullet, this came from a collector source which in my experience is very “legit” in their dealings.

I’ll try to get the accurate weight and diameter.


Ole, good, once we have the weight we will know more.

Even your friend being honest does not mean that someone else could not have assembled stuff before he got it.