Unknown 7.62x54R headstamp

I thought I had seen a lot of 7.62x54R cartridges but never one like this. What does it say? Am I correct in assuming this is a military cartridge?

Are the neck crimps original? There are 3 total, equally spaced 120 deg. apart.

It says Kynoch.

yes, Russian order from UK, 1917

Thank you!!

One more question… does it use Cordite for propellant? I cannot hear/feel any propellant inside when I shake it.

According to the late Tony Edwards the propellant charge was “Dupont No.16 Military powder of such size, shape and weight as meets the pressure and velocity specification”.

The headstamp is:

КАЙНОКЪ - made by Kynoch for Russian Empire Government
17 - year, 1917
I (at 6 o’clock) - type (model) of cartridge: Mk I (with pointed bullet)

The powder must be Dupont No.16 - small graphitized tubes

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I think normally you can hear the powder load. But when it ages and solvent comes out, it glues together those small black tubes of propellent, and then the whole blob gets stuck and does not move. Also possible that someone has pulled the bullet before you and there is nothing inside.