Unknown 7.62x54R

The following 7.62x54R loads turned up recently. I have some theories on where they came from but am no expert, probably don’t qualify as an amature on them. The links are interesting because they have a shiny black stripe across the back of each link and the hole in each link is filled with black paint. This flakes off easily.

Who made them and for who???

Cheers, Lew

That orange primer seal screams “Igman” or “Prvi Partisan”. This also looks just like the “JMS 04” headstamped 7.62x54r ball that turned up on the shooter market recently. The packaging for both the “JMS” stuff and this belted ammunition suggests a contract order with the intent to disguise it’s origins. First time I’ve seen belted ammunition packaged in a vinyl “battle pack”. How is the ammunition arranged inside the pack? cardboard dividers or anything? If I recall correctly, the 100 round belt is the normal capacity of the PKM belt box. Some of the “JMS” lots have been reported to be defective, which suggests why it ended up as surplus with such a recent manufacture date. To date, I have not heard of anyone being able to prove the origin of the ammo without a doubt. There have been rumors that the ammunition was from an order placed by a “Government Contractor” operating in Iraq.


[quote=“AKMS”]First time I’ve seen belted ammunition packaged in a vinyl “battle pack”.


AKMS, The German Army has their 5.56x45 MG 4 ammo belted in black plastic belt boxes (same as US ones for the M249) and they are also sealed in vinyl packs.