Unknown 7.63

Gentlemen, please help me identify the manufacturer of the cartridge. Headstamp “L.D.P. - *”

We just covered this on another thread. Louis Dieu, Paris. He was primarily a “Negociant” so it is possible the cartridges, which are known only in 7.63 Mauser among pistol calibers, but also on rifle calibers like 7.65 and 8 mm Mauser, were made elsewhere. Someone mentioned the possibility of DWM as the actual maker, or perhaps more than one maker depending on the caliber. I simply don’t know, and frankly, the identification of the meaning of the headstamp was sufficient for me years ago when I found it in some Trademark material from Bruxelles, Belgium. I did not spend any time trying to find out the actual manufacturer, because for me, there were no clues at all.

Thank you very much, John!
I think to me there will be enough name on a headstamp.