Unknown 7,92 boxes - need ID

I have two 7,92 boxes that I can not ID for sure as they were empty at the time I got them. Any help would be appreciated.

The first is a Czech box, but the cartridge model number (Vz ##) is not visible anymore. What loading would go with this?

This next one appears to be german. The ink stamp clearly indicates SmK L’Spur, however there is no date or maker. Just lot number information. Inside the box is a mongram “RH 1940”, so it is obviously 1940 or later.


Hi Dave, the Czechoslovakian label is for a ball loading designated “7,92 mm ostrý náboj vz. 23” (singular).

Dave - is that a polish Eagle down in the left lower corner of the 2nd box? I can help other than that, and I may be wrong. On my screen, that entry is barely discernable.

To my opinion the label reads

SmK. iL ( in Ladestreifen )
? 1 Rate 25



Thanks for your comments.

To expand on and answer questions regarding 7,92 box #2.

The character in the lower left corener of the box is “Lfg: 1”. It is tough to see on low resoultion pictures, but very clear up close.

The lot information is similar to period pistol boxes I have seen coming out of FN Herstal, such as this one:

Would the “100/600” indicate a ranging tracer?


I would say yes, it most likely would.