Unknown 7.92x57 mauser bullet

Is there somebody to know something about…7.92x57 mauser bullet made from…2 pieces ?!?

need a bit more info? there were some early 7.9 rounds wiyj round nose bullets that were two piece as I recall. observation or balloon busting I think. will have to pull my notes out!

Here is an example of an experimental German bullet from 1944.
A bullet made without the use of lead.



Found an other one in my files.


Courtesy, Woodin Lab.

Wow…I think “my bullet” is almost identical to…this one… (exactly this type of “2 parts” bullet; but “my” bullet has the “contact groove” placed…lower, near the “start” of the “neck”…I think…) !!

Any details/info about that 7.92x57 mm Mauser cartridge / BULLET ?!?

Could you provide us with a picture from the bullet?


Ok…as soon as I can !

Here are some photos of the bullet…

So…ANY info/special about this “2 pieces” Mauser bullet ?

I’m sorry but according to some of your measurements I think you have there an ordinary German s.S bullet (schweres Spitzgeschoss Patrone-heavy pointed bullet). I can’t see any indication why you should have there a rare experimental. Because it’s rusty? All German bullets start to rust after some time. Rust is the worst nightmare to German 7.9 collectors.

I can write a book about these problems.

…[quote=“duqjans, post:11, topic:33800”]
Because it’s rusty?

…No !..Because of…

Because all German s.S bullets look like that. Take a look at Wikipedia, (7.92×57mm Mauser). There are several very interesting links to the history of this cartridge, including drawings of the bullets from Polte. Finding something interesting can be very nice. Learning about it is just nicer.

If I see it correctly the bullet is in a better condition were it was in the case, than outside.
I had to dig deep to find this round. Almost the worst one I have.
This is a cartridge with a brass case. A bullet with a steel case looks probably like yours.

Btw, I need a new kinetic hammer.