Unknown 7,92x57


Anybody can help?


It has a vaguely Chinese look to it. I have some 7.63 Mauser rounds with a similar “feel” to them.


Hard to belive, some of these cases has been found in Poland, always on the old military training grounds (first German, after 1918 Polish) among other Polish cases from early 20’s and German cases from 1916-18.


Can we assume that this is not a raised headstamp, and it only looks that way because of the way the photograph was lighted?

Interesting headstamp. It is amazing the number of previously unknown headstamps on 7.9 x 57 that are being found in Poland. Incredible. Wish they would find them in quantity, instead of one at a time!!! Great Stuff!


Bill Woodin says this is a new one to him.