Unknown 75x277R Headstamp

I bought this 75x277R case off someone in the UK who bought it at a Flea Market in France. However, this headstamp does not look French to me.

The case is brass, it is fitted with the standard 33mm screw-in primer with three semi-circular tool slots that is found on cases from all over Europe

I have never seen a headstamp like this before. I would be grateful if anyone could tell me the Country / Factory / year.

EDIT: I have just found that “EP” Stands for Ecole Pyrotechnique, Antwerp, Belgium. So could this be made at EP Antwerp, lot 33 of 1913?


You’re correct about the factory. I have to check about the year and lot.


Thanks for the confirmation. I would think it was Lot 33 od 1913, but it could be lot 13 of 1933. I have another one of these cases made in Belgium in 1938, the stamping on thje 1938 one looks far newer than the one in this thread is on.