Unknown 7mm manufacturer. (for me)

These cartridges come out of the ground in Germany.
Some of them were in German 8mm clips.
The head stamp only 7 M/M on 12 o’clock and 36 on 6 o’clock.

Any information appreciated.



My understanding is that these were manufactured by FN and were supplied to the Venezuelan army…but I expect to be corrected!

I have it in ball and dummy, and also list them as FN for Venez.

Jim and Jon, thank you both for the information.

Very curios that they were found in central Germany.

Best regards

Dutch, could they have been issued to some organization for use with captured weapons? This may explain the 8mm Clips.


I can’t tell from the picture, but how many lugs do the clips have on each side ?

I ask because 7x57 cartridges usually have a thicker rim than 7,9 ones, so the distance between the spring and the flange is greater … 7x57 cartridges are usually a very tight fit in a 7,9 clip.



I checked the clip and try to clean it as good as possible.
As you can see it has two lugs.
It seems to me that this is a clip for 6,5 Sweden Mauser rounds.

Please correct me if I am wrong.





It’s almost certainly a 7mm clip.

Swedish 6,5x55 has an even thicker rim than 7x57 although the side-walls of the clips are the same height, the greater thickness of the rim is allowed for in the length of the “folded-down” part of the side-wall … it’s shorter on the Swedish clips although manufacturing tolerances mean that some Swedish ammunition will fit some 7x57 clips but almost all 7x57 cartridges will be a very loose fit in Swedish clips.

Someone ought to write a book on this stuff !!


I agree that those are 7 x 57 mm clips. The 6.5 x 55 clips
have slightly more curve than do the 7 x 57 mm chargers.

As to the fit of the cartridges in the clips I have no experienced
any “very loose” fit of 7 mm rounds when put in 6.5 x 55 chargers.
They seem to fit about the same. I have several each sitting before
me right now and have switched 10 rounds each between the four
clips with no particular difference in fit. My Swedish clips are mostly
marked in their system (one Letter, sometimes centered and sometimes
at one end of the bottom of the clip), and my 7 x 57 clips are all either
D.M. or unmarked. The one consistent difference is the curvature on
of the clip body itself.

I admit to having little collector knowledge on chargers, other than perhaps
auto pistol ones, but I shoot original Mauser-type rifles in both the mentioned
calibers. I have never tried interchanging the calibers with my clips, because
I have sufficient quantity of each type to met my range needs, so their was no
motive for me to do so. One day I guess I should try it, although I don’t shoot
much anymore.

John Moss